Van Tastik – Drag Me To Hell

Review by Graham P. Ryan

Dark Country isn’t Country. It’s darker, as the name infers. Think of it like the flipside. Like that other place in Stranger Things, or the mirror universe in Star Trek. You know, THAT place.

This version of Country isn’t all Achy Breaky Heart or any of that crap.

This is lo-fi, down tuned, stripped out. Like a slightly less pissed off Joe Buck.

Van Tastik is a native of Virginia, now based in Utrecht, Germany, and his latest single “Drag Me To Hell” is closer to the classic rock staples of Sabbath or Steppenwolf on this one, that warrants repeat listens.

It’s a haunting dark tale, recited in a tone like a smoother Blues Saraceno, and with a grainier production that totally suits the track.

In his own words, [this track] “calls out to all those damaged by others, the dark ones, the rejects, the bad boys and girls – all those attracted by the Dark Side.”

Give it a listen, and then listen again.


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