Three Day Monk; Osaka

Three Day Monk’s most recent offering, Osaka, is a continuation of “Seasonal” releases from Tristan Nelson, the singular driving force behind the Three Day Monk moniker. This particular single is aptly categorized under “Winter”. A somewhat stark composition held together by acoustic guitar draws pictures of leafless trees clawing at slate grey skies, pregnant with either the promise of snow or a chemical refinery accident. Emotive lyrics speak of unavoidable grief bearing down upon the storyteller due to the impending death of a loved one. The melody itself is angular, with occasional notes being wedged into the key that do not quite jibe with the western blueprint of how an octave is to be divided. These semi-dissonant notes hang in space just long enough to fish hook the ear before a more familiar frequency subsumes them. A very Japanese-themed atmosphere is shored up by the use of multiple flutes, each recorded in a manner that produces a sense of intimacy thanks to the trembling vibrato that can be heard in each and every exhalation across the wooden embouchure. With Osaka, Three Day Monk adds another enigmatic piece to an already enigmatic oeuvre. Difficult to categorize, easy to listen to, and hopefully a sign of even greater things to come.

Sven Gossard-Oliver
Mud Creek, CO

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