The Turing Test by Ha Ha Ha

By Reuben Salsa

What an intro! “My Girlfriend She’s the Best…can’t pass the Turing Test” croons lead singer Frank Harkin. The band reimagines the world in shades of dayglow synthpop brilliance where “artificial intelligence satisfies all your needs”. I must have been very needy indeed as I can’t get enough of this tune.

There are shades of an upbeat Belle and Sebastian at play. The easy-going melody hums along at a leisurely pace. It’s perfect pop encapsulated in just over two minutes.
Songs don’t always have to be ground-breaking. There’s a feeling of warmth in the familiar and Ha Ha Ha is your best mate, the shoulder you cry on or the one you spend a summers day stoned in the park gazing at the clouds.

And then the synths kick in after the first minute and you’re left nodding your head subconsciously. “My girlfriend looks so good, ” continues Harkin, “…into each other’s eyes, no need to compromise…”. Let yourself go. Embrace the Turing Test. Relax and feel the vibe of an endless summer.
Superb debut released on Smokestack Lightning Records and available now.

Beautiful tune.

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