Sunshine – Pauli

Review by Graham P. Ryan

I bet you couldn’t eat a fruit pastille and not chew it could you?

Same with Pauli’s Sunshine. Listen to it and you can’t not tap or bob your head in tune.

This is a joyous ode to summer, penned by the winner of “Best New Song 2020” as voted by members of The Independent Wave in last years’ awards.

Cocoon was an incredible tune, but Sunshine trumps it with its infectious warmth.

I’m a grumpy old git for the most part but I just love this song, and you will too. I could wax lyrical, I could go into hyperbole hyperdrive. But the song explains things a damn sight better than I ever could. Wing it on, and let that sunshiney goodness wash over you.

Pauli is going to be huge. Once he gets out there and folk start hearing him, you’ll be seeing and hearing him all over.


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