Sailing Before the Wind – Cross the Ocean (rerecorded)

Review by Graham P. Ryan

Holy Shit.

Metalcore is one of those genres that can be hard to get right and stick to the core beliefs without getting too mainstream and watering it all down. Sailing Before the Wind are a much-changed five-piece from the Land of the Rising Sun, with the only original member being the bassist, Bitoku Sakamoto, who writes and engineers all of the band’s releases.

Formed ten years ago, SBtW are brutal in the best possible way. Cross the Ocean is hard, aggressive, jarring, staccato, melodic and utterly mesmerizing and when it’s finished it’d be rude not to whack it on again… and again

There’s a strong contingent of Asian metalcore bands around at the moment and Sailing Before the Wind are right there in the middle of that flotilla.

I’d namecheck some American bands as a point of reference but I’m not going to, coz, to be honest, I much prefer how the Japanese do things. So I’ll say this, check out Sailing Before the Wind, for fans of seriously good metalcore.

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