Kay vs The Moon – Recent Releases (mid 2020 – now(ish))

Review by Graham P. Ryan

Mexico. It’s Day of the Dead, tequila and enough sniff passing through customs to keep those who want it acting like fuckwits waaaaaay into the next century, right?

Isn’t it?

Music wise, it’s Mariachi, isn’t it? Dude in a jacket too short and a guitar case that may or may not hold a stringed instrument. Isn’t it? No?

No, it really isn’t.

Mexico is home to some proper musical talent, and this band in particular is one you should really get to know better.

Kay vs The Moon, an alt-rock quartet from Monterray, Mexico, are extraordinary, and I don’t use that term lightly.

In an age where a lot of artists play pretty much the same style but evolve slightly over time KvM have eschewed this approach.
They play exactly what the hell they want and not only get away with it, they own it.

I first came across them last year when our paths crossed on Reddit and I’m a huge fan.
What I love about them most is how they cross genres so damn easily. Take Jocko Willink for instance – a great rock tune with a catchy chorus the Gorillaz would be chuffed with. A-Politikal is a punchy pop punk track that zips along like it had a nostril full of Columbian Marching Powder.
Nake All of Your Body and Me Too is an epic encounter with a porn theme tune. This should be PornHub’s soundtrack. It’s just awesome.
Romantic Movies slows the pace down a bit, and adds some nice samples that don’t detract at all from the song.
Man in the Sky is a beautiful song, a heartfelt lament and the ending is just heartbreaking.
And on the other extreme, their version of Jingle Bells should be on everyone’s playlists next Christmas, it’ll even be on mine and I’m usually a miserable bah-humbug old git.

Their music is widely available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and many others. Get on it, you’ve no excuse to not listen to them.

But don’t just take my word for how good they are. In the 2020 Independent Wave Awards KvM managed to bag three awards in categories that attracted the attention of over a thousand people.

Kay vs The Moon the shiny, happy future for music in Latin America? I damn well hope so.

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