Ha Ha Ha – The Betty Windsor Show

Indie pop is dead?! Right? Well the Ha Ha Ha think differently. Yes the late 80’s and 90’s are over but that doesn’t mean a whole genre should stop. In their very own words:

“Named for its three founder members, Ha Ha Ha have been playing together in various forms since the turn of the century, morphing to overcome barriers in space, time and, most recently, global public health emergency. While hard to categorise neatly, Ha Ha Ha’s output covers rock, indie, synthpop, folk and at least one murder ballad.”

So let’s get stuck in, the opening gambit sounds like a tribute to our dear Elizabeth, ERII – maybe even her? Then pops in a very catchy little chord sequence. Singer Frank Harkin brings a homely sense of dulcet tones, almost speaking us through this story of her majesty Betty Windsor.

The chorus brings a second vocal line from Claire Long and the vocals blend nicely together and uplifts the song buoyantly.

A foot tapper, an imaginative tragic story of being head of state and in love with the wrong man. This is a very happy 4 minutes of your time, if you like the teenage fanclub or velvet underground you’ll adore this, for everyone else I stress you should check this out. I was trying to get a ha ha ha pun in, but frnakly a, I’m not witty enough to and b, they don’t deserve it.

Here’s where to find them:

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