Felix And The Sunsets – Pass Me My Matches

Take a laid back blues-esque piece from the backing band, a pinch of kick ass solo, some 70’s inspired vocal lines and you get Felix And The Sunset’s “Pass Me My Matches”.

These are an interesting band, giving nice shades across this very well composed piece of music. I’m listening and I feel chilled but with an almost melancholy edge. Which shows how moving one piece of music can be, music has the ability to alter moods and perspectives. These guys know this; it’s clear from the dramatic pauses in the guitar solo sections, from the sad delivery of the vocals. Felix and the Sunset’s want you to be moved.

Here is their take on the single:

“Completing their Creative Scotland funded EP is the fourth and final track Pass Me My Matches, a smoky, dark blues that spontaneously combusts with incendiary guitar solos inspired by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Jack White and Gary Clark Jr.

Recorded with Dave Lloyd at Lost Oscillation Studios in Leith, the track prominently features the 60’s-inspired organ sounds of band member Sean Logan, subject of the documentary Harmonic Spectrum and seen on BBC Scotland’s The Nine, the Zeppelin-esque drum grooves of Max Wilson, and the vocals, guitar and lyrics of Felix And The Sunsets’ founder Felix Christie.
Like their namesakes, Felix And The Sunsets descend into the darkness with a colourful display. Demonstrating guitarist and songwriter Felix’s flair with words, the lyrics are a classic gallows tale, told from the perspective of a repentant arsonist. The track is also the groups’ first ballad, showing a range that is a distinguishing feature of the Sunsets sound.

The single completes a diverse and accomplished EP that has received plaudits across the Scottish media scene, being picked up in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards new music round-up, Wide Days weekly playlist and SNACK magazine, and receiving wide-spread airplay and playlisting, including from Jim Gellatly on Amazing Radio, Scots Whay Hae!, Kara Conway on Celtic Music Radio.”

For me, Felix and the Sunsets hit melancholy 60’s turning into 70’s vibes with hints of the Doors, Purple and Gary Moore.

If you haven’t checked this track out, then why not get on it here:

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