Looking for a review? Read on...

Hey guys, thanks for being on the Independent Wave page, before you run ahead and submit your PRE-RELEASES to us, please read a few house rules:

  1.  Join the group... honestly it's worth it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheIndependentWave
  2. This web page and everything associated with the Independent Wave is run by volunteers, we don't ask for any money, we don't make any money and sadly all have real lives to contend with, so please don't get the arse with us if we are slow in responding.
  3. PLAN AHEAD: seriously plan ahead, it's pre release right? So give us some time with your track... 2 months would be amazing, 1 month OK, anything less you've more chance of smoking a big one with Jimi mate...
  4. Give us LOTS of info, make it easy for our writers to get to grips with you from the off, who are  you? Where have you been? Who influences you? What's the album about? What's the song about? Give it to us baby ah ha ah ha
  5. Fill out the form once per album, per EP or per single release, no more... Spam gets you fucking nowhere! Submit once, we got it and keep a look out for the review, kapeesh!
  6. Serious now, we can't guarantee a review for everyone, we'll do our bloody best though. Please don't be disappointed if nothing comes of it.
  7. Music links, pre-release so if it's a Spotify link then it ain't a pre-release is it?! If you have nowhere to put it use google drive and send us that link... else SoundCloud etc.
  8. Images, please can we have square ones, ideally 900 x 900 pixels
  9. Don't be a dickhead. Just don't, it's not cool.