4 Songs About Love, Loss And Wild River Swimming – Cathedral Birds

Review by Graham P. Ryan

What I’ve found with Cathedral Birds is that they’re the easiest band I’ve ever listened to. I’ve also found that that there’s stuff all chance of getting any work done while they’re on. I’m not even listening to them while I write this review. When they play, I have to stop what I’m doing and just listen. It’s like Jackanory from back in the day. These are blues-sodden narrative storytellers with some fine ass skills.

Long time friends Brandon and Richard write songs that hook you like a fairground duck and don’t let you go.

This, 4 Songs About Love, Loss And Wild River Swimming their 3rd EP, starts out with “Wild River Swimming” an uplifting song about friendship.

“Take me Out” is a lovely song about being treated to a day. Getting dressed up and having a good time, even though money’s tight, it needs to be done. Just like the lyrics say, “we are unemployed, our credits void, but we will never be destroyed.”

“Unexpected Places” tells the haunting story of loss in a Northern seaside town. There’s so much detail in this song, such reminisces and the ghost of past love.

The layers of sound on the last track, “Valentines Day” are dense compared to the stripped-back nature of the other three tracks, while Brandon’s vocals are just as velvety. I was transfixed throughout and loved the twist at the end. Not gonna spoil it for you, but depending on your outlook you’ll either find it funny or heartbreaking.

These two fine gentlemen from Sheffield deserve a large audience and also all of the success coming their way.

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