We find it quite remarkable how much our Independent Wave group grows. From very humble beginnings 12 months ago to the mini behemoth of 1800 members, including bands, reviewers and fans alike....

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The website is here, which means our budding group of 10 writers are here for you, the bands. Spotify use reviews as part of their pre-release look at you. So if you have anything coming up that...

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Felix And The Sunsets – Pass Me My Matches

Take a laid back blues-esque piece from the backing band, a pinch of kick ass solo, some 70’s inspired vocal lines and you get Felix And The Sunset’s “Pass Me My Matches”. These are...

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Ha Ha Ha – The Betty Windsor Show

Indie pop is dead?! Right? Well the Ha Ha Ha think differently. Yes the late 80’s and 90’s are over but that doesn’t mean a whole genre should stop. In their very own words: “Named...

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How do you get involved? Try these lovely social links:


Graham creates some incredible playlists on Spotify, if you want to be involved join the Facebook group and get involved, if you just want to listen you can do it from here:


Every year The Independent Wave hosts it's very own awards, to show off the best independent music offers. 2020 was no exception and a very well fought battle ensued.

So whether you are best band, best song or the writer of "a song that your neighbours used to ring the police over but now secretly like" we need to hear from you, unsigned, independent.

2020 categories included:

  • best new song
  • best new album
  • best band
  • best unsigned band
  • best indie band
  • best unsigned indie band
  • best solo singer-songwriter
  • most metal as fuck
  • most punk as fuck
  • most mellow
  • a song that your neighbours used to ring the police over but now secretly like
  • care bear
  • best video
  • best lyric video

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The Independent Wave work closely with RedWall Radio from Redwall Studios, where you can hear the now infamous "Jamie and Stu" show. These guys with tongue in cheek explore the finer side of independent music.

Currently on hiatus as we negotiate through lockdown, social distancing etc, the boys will be back with a bang come lowering of restrictions.

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